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  • Shilla Gold

    How do i know if my entry was successfully submitted? Will i receive an email?

  • AD Vlogs

    I have problems to register in the contest the page does not load, what should I do? I already have the Vlog on YouTube

  • Sophie Warren

    If you are chosen as one of the 80 participants that get the $100, is there chance you can also win the grand prize?

  • valu go

    puedo poner imágenes o vídeos que no hayan sido hechos por mi con sus respectivos créditos?

    Hi, if you are to use it, then please mention it on the description. Thank you!

  • Alex Stone

    If I see "Your entry is completed", it means that my video was saved? And I'm participate in that contest?

    Yes, it means it is well saved! Thanks!

  • Lily Sama

    i am trying to upload but its not loading what do i do?

    Hi, pleases send your entry to the following email address along with your personal information. >>

  • Alex Stone

    Good afternoon! Should the script be designed in a special way? And in what language should the script be if I am shooting a video in my native language?

    Hi, the script does not have to be designed. It can be in your native language! Thanks!

  • Carolina Escobar

    Hola! He intentado submit mi video pero no he recibido ninguna confirmación y la pagina se queda pensando. Como puedo saber si fue submitted correctamente? Gracias de antemano :D

    Hi, if you saw a message saying 'Your entry is completed', then it is well saved. If you didn't see it, then there could have been some technical issues. Please send your entry to the following email address along with your personal information.>>> Thanks

  • Sara Andrea Arango Monsalve

    ¿Cómo sé que ya estoy inscrita?

    Hi, if you saw a message saying 'Your entry is well submitted' after your registration, then it is well saved. If you didn't see the message, there could be some technical error. In this case, please send your entry to this following email address. (

  • Emily Lopez-Mora

    If your underage are you allowed to bring someone with you who Is of age? And would both of their expenses be covered as if it were a two person team?

    Yes, if you are underage, you are allowed to bring someone who is of age. However, if you want your travel expense covered for both of you, then both has to appear in the video so that we can consider you guys as two person team. Thanks! Good luck!

  • Laura Rios

    En el caso de los equipos, el registro lo hace uno de los integrantes? Hay que especificar algo en la descripción?

    Hi, you don't need to mention in the description since we can check from the video. The registration can be done by either of you. Writing both of your names are fine too. Thanks and good luck!

  • Mayya Malenko

    If you participate from in the team consisting of 2 people, then should 2 people be in the video? Thank you!

    Yes, two people has to be in the video! Thanks and good luck!

  • Mayya Malenko

    Если участвует команда из 2 человек, то обязательно ли, чтобы оба человка были в видео?

    Yes, two people has to be in the video! Thanks and good luck!

  • David Pablo

    I submitted a video where I speak alone. In case I am one of the winners, can I still take someone with me to help me film during the travel?

    Yes, you can. But please make sure that your friend's travel expense will not be covered in $10,000 USD since we can not consider him/her as one of the participants for this contest. Thanks and good luck!

  • David Pablo

    The point of the travel is to experience and show Gyeonggido. Is there a possibility to go visit Seoul for a few hours or will the travel be restricted to Gyeonggido only?

    Please make sure the VLOG you make during your travel should be restricted to Gyeonggido only. We will share a detailed guidelines towards the winners when rules are ready. Thanks and good luck!

  • Maria Castillo

    Hola, según veo los ganadores tendrán que grabar su estadía en Gyeonggi, si no tengo con que grabar... ¿ no puedo participar?

    Hi, making a VLOG during your stay in Gyeonggido is a essential role of a winner for this contest. Thanks! Good luck!

  • Jesica Hawari

    Hello. May I know how are you going to choose the winners? Is it based on the video quality? creativity or how we explain ourselves? I am currently making one with a friend and 3 minutes is surely too short for us TT_TT Since we both have to show our travel experiences, creativity and also talking to the camera (which is 2 minutes already XDD). So, I was just wondering which part to cut... or should I make the travel vlog parts longer or our talking parts longer?

    Hi, we will choose the winners by the message the participants are trying to give us, and how well that is expressed in the video. We can't give a perfect answer for your question since we can't involve in the process of making your video. Please understand. How you make your video is up to you. We recommend you check out other participant's entries in Youtube. Hope this helped! Thanks and good luck!

  • Енот Художник

    Что, если моё видео немного больше, чем 3 минуты? (оно около четырёх)

    The video should be no more than 3 minutes, but slightly over is fine! Thanks

  • Habiba Osama

    I made the video and my sister did the editing but she didn't appear in the video . If we won will both of us will travel or me only because my sister didn't appear in the video and only did the editing because both of us want to travel

    Hi,in order to be considered as a team, both has to appear in the video at least for a short second. In your case, if you won, we will have to consider you as one participant, and only you will be considered as a winner.

  • Alise

    Hello! I have a question concerning the registration form: I'm participating to the contest with my friend, but in the form you request only the data of one participant. So I was wondering, how should we fill the application form? Should only one of us fill the data or we have to submit the video twice, in two different forms for each one of us? Thank you for your time!

    Hi, either way is fine! Thanks & good luck!

  • Anastasia Mold

    Hello! I'm interested to know,if you are a winner should you make video by ny canera or yours? Thanks! And thank you for this contest! It is realy a good opportunity for everyone! 감사합니다

    Hi, if you are a winner, you need to make a video by your camera. We don't provide cameras for the winners. Thanks! Good luck!

  • Kapil Kumar

    Hello, Its so amazing to see so many people with beautiful videos, but only 4 lucky will get the chance to travel to Korea. Is it possible to have consolation prize for few people with just flight tickets and basic accommodation ? (not the luxurious 10K USD :)

    Hi, we give out participation prize towards the 80 participants which is $100 gift card from Korean online shopping mall. Good luck!

  • Leticia Juárez

    ¿Si soy menor de edad puedo participar? If I'm 13 years old, can I participate? My Cousin its gonna participate with me she is 22 years old. What is the age limit?

    Hi, there is no age limit! If you are under age, as long as you travel with an adult, it is fine. Thanks!

  • Habiba Osama

    If I participate as two in a team , will the two be able to travel or just one person ?? Thanks in advance

    If selected as a winning team, both will visit Gyeonggido! Thanks and good luck!

  • Zakura

    Are you able to tell us if our Participation Entry worked?

    Hi, did you see the message saying 'Your entry is well submitted'? If it did, then your entry is well submitted. Thank You!

  • Fercy Oc

    Si mi solicitud no carga y no se envía, que debería hacer?

    Hi, did you see the message saying 'Your entry is well submitted'? If it did, then your entry is well submitted. If it didn't there must have been some errors. Could you check if your video was under 200 MB? and also in the right format? If it still didn't work, please send your video along with your personal info here >>

  • Оля Іжик

    Can two persons work on one video or it could be only individual project?

    Hi, two persons can work on one video! Thanks, Good luck!

  • Zakura

    Hi! are we allowed to spend the money given to us how we want in Korea? or is it only for travelling around in Korea? because i think 10.000 bucks is a bit much to just spend it on train tickets etc hahaha

    Hi, 10,000 bucks should be spent only for traveling Gyeonggido, but some money can be spent for some souvenirs. Details will be announced towards the winners later. Thank you! Good luck!

  • Yeona Lee

    Hello! I just wanted to ask, if I know Korean, can I speak in Korean in video, if I add Russian and English subtitles?

    Hi, yes you can! Thanks! Good luck!


    hi! will I be able to buy some souvenirs from gyeonggi do using the allowance given? or not? should I bring extra money?

    Hi, you can buy some souvenirs! Bringing some extra money is up to you. Thanks & good luck!

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    You may participate as an individual.

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    Yes. Anyone can participate, regardless of nationality, race, and age.

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